"DON'T DO IT" ble skrevet av Mike Vernon og Pete Wingfield, opprinnelig for Everly Brothers, og det er Bjørn Kristiansen som synger med hjelp av Eigil Berg her og der. Massevis av kassegitarer, små og lekre gitar-fills og synthesizer fra Pete Wingfield laget stemning i denne melodiøse medium-låta. Det merkes godt at den ble tilpasset Everly Brothers - eller som her; Bjørn og Eigil. Vi har ikke registrert at "Don't Do It" senere er innspilt av andre artister.   

Don’t Do It

(Pete Wingfield/Mike Vernon)

Well I've seen you lately with your heart on your sleeve

Lookin’ so happy  it's hard to believe

But I've been the distance I can see the signs


Well she may seem loyal devoted and true

But I feel a sense of deja vu

We've been in this movie before and I ain’t lyin’

You say there'll never be another

But I'm tellin’ you like a brother


Don't do it you're gonna regret it

Don’t do it you better forget it

Don't do it oh she’ll break your heart

Oh she'll break your heart


Well I heard on the grapevine that you're making plans

Tired of livin’ as a single man

Well that sure sounds fine for now but just you wait


‘Cause if you make it formal if you tie the knot

You might lose all the love you got

By the time that you realize it’ll be too late

You won’t listen to a word I say

You’re gonna go right ahead anyway


Don't do it you’re gonna regret it

Don't do it you better forget it

Don't do it oh she'll break your heart

Oh she'll break your heart


I don't mean to be bitter I don't wanna be mean

But it seems like you're slippin’ in the old routine

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