"HOROSCOPE" kan nesten virke som Svein Finjarns oppfølger til "Disappear" fra "Turn On To The Music"-albumet. "HOROSCOPE" har masse finurligheter på arrangementsiden med taktskifter, pompøse synthesizere og et nesten marsjaktig refreng. Svein synger selv alle stemmene. 


(Eva & Svein Finjarn)

May all your wishes come true

Day by day

And let the sun shine with you

On your way

Don't take nothing for granted

No more or less

Let everything you do

Be a success


Oh, your horoscope will lead you right

With shining stars, in the winter night

Oh, to show you where you’ll find the key

To the good things you want to see


May you have the goodness in life


Feelin' as sharp as a knife

On your way

Someday you'll find somebody new

So watch what you do

But remember I'm the one

Who's lovin' you

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