"LAUGH TO KEEP FROM CRYING" er solid gitarbasert boogie-rock fra Svein Finjarn. Første og så langt eneste gang NJS har brukt gitar-synthesizer i studio. Godt og rockete refreng og gitarløp som sitter slik det skal. 

Laugh To Keep From Crying

(Svein Finjarn/Audun Tylden)

I can see it on your face

I can read it in your eyes

So his everlasting love

Just fades away and dies

Well, I tried to make you see

And I tried to tell you then

If his love for you should cease

You said you'd tell me when


Well' I knew it all the time

I knew what he would do

From the moment that I heard

That he was after you

But they say that love makes blind

That it makes you lose your cool

Now the time has come for you

To see you've played the fool


I see that you are trying

To laugh to keep from crying

Behind that painted smile I see

Your effort comes quite painfully

There's really no denying

You laugh to keep from crying

Sist endret: 04 november 2022 NJS-Booking:  Tlf.: 99 44 94 00  Web-Master: Tom Sunde