"TRAVELLING SONG" er en slentrende country-rocker med masse akustiske gitarer og munnspillsolo av Sigmund Groven. Teksten er typisk for denne amerikanske stilretningen og står fint i stil med NJS framførelsen som drivende og samtidig både myk og rastløs.

Travelling Song

(Eigil Berg)

Gotta go keep on movin' down the highway

I got a feeling at last things are comin' my way

I can tell by the way the winds are blowin'

That my luck is in for changes I'm not knowin'


And when the heavy clouds and thunder keep on roaring

And the people all around me are ignoring

I may never know what's in for me tomorrow

I don't allow my mind to drag me down in sorrow


So I'm goin' goin' goin'

Never knowin' where I'm goin'

And my radio keep on playing that sweet ol' rock'n'roll


And as I look upon my lifetime as a journey

All the pages of my travelling book keep turnin'

And for every time I lose

I win the learnin'

I light a candle in the rain but I keep it bumin'
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